Lettuce seems to be the all-purpose treat for animals of every species. A favorite of rabbits, lettuce is also enjoyed by guinea pigs, hamsters, goats, and hogs. But there isn’t anything special about those leafy greens. In fact, lettuce provides neither energy (in the form of calories) nor vitamins, so it’s not even a great supplement to a balanced diet. Regardless, many different animals enjoy eating lettuce, including horses. But is it safe for your horse to eat lettuce? So Can Horses Eat Read more [...]
Horses have a pretty big appetite, right? Flakes of hay, scoops of feed, gallons of water, and they still have room for snacks. Chances are, you have your four-hoofed friend’s diet down to a science by now and are providing a top-notch balanced diet. But when it comes to snacks, you might not be as certain about what to offer. Take cabbage for example: humans enjoy it in many different cuisines, but what about your horse? So can horses eat cabbage?  No, it is not recommended you feed cabbage to Read more [...]
There is something about plants that grow on vines- they seem to grow faster and produce more fruit than any other plant in the garden, leaving you with more fruit and vegetables than you and a small army could eat in a season! So if you grow watermelon and are blessed with an overabundant crop, you may find yourself looking at all the extras and wondering, Can horses eat watermelon? It seems a shame to let the fruit go to waste, and since you like watermelon so much, wouldn’t your horse like it Read more [...]
Oranges are a staple in many of our diets. They’re sweet, filled with juice, and provide necessary nutrients, all in a peel that serves as a convenient container. But we’re humans, and our digestive systems are different than our horses; so as with many other foods, we have to stop and ask ourselves if what is safe for us is safe to offer our horses. Can horses eat oranges? Simply answered, yes, our horses can safely eat oranges. Oranges are among the many types of fresh fruits and vegetables Read more [...]
It’s mid-spring, and you are walking through the produce section of your local grocery store when you see strawberries for sale. They are so red and smell so sweet, so you pick up a package for yourself. You’re always on the lookout for some kind of new treat to offer your horse, so you stand there and wonder to yourself: Can horses eat strawberries? Go ahead and pick up that second package of strawberries. Better yet, make plans to grow your own strawberry patch next year! Yes, strawberries Read more [...]
Maybe second only to carrots and sugar cubes, apples are the treat that you might most commonly associate with horses. Photographs, movies, and artwork all depict loving horse owners and enthusiasts offering apples to their favorite equine friends. But have you ever stopped and actually asked yourself, Can Horses Eat Apples? While you might think that horses eating apples is as natural as your horse eating hay, there are still some people out there who may not know! The short answer is: Yes, Read more [...]
Much like humans, all horses love a treat to eat now and then. There are many foods that horse owners can choose to offer their equine friends as a treat, but sometimes we aren’t always sure what is safe to offer. For example: Can horses eat grapes? Grapes are fantastic treats for humans and popular with all age groups, but they aren’t safe for small pets like cats and dogs. What about horses? Can our horses safely enjoy grapes as a treat? Fortunately, horses can enjoy grapes as a treat. Among Read more [...]
As a horse owner, you probably enjoy pampering your equine pal by offering special treats, and probably look for new or different treats so you can “spice things up” every once in a while. Have you thought about bread? Can horses eat bread? Since bread is such a staple of many European and North American human diets, it makes sense that people eventually would think about offering bread to horses. But as all responsible horse owners know, it is important to do some research before offering just Read more [...]
If you are a small pet owner, you may know that chocolate is bad for your furry family members, but since “food rules” for small animals do not always apply to larger livestock, you might be wondering about your horse. Can horses eat chocolate? As many horse owners know, it is very important to know what is and is not safe for horses to eat as a special treat, and chocolate is no exception. In the case of chocolate, the rules that apply to small pets also applies to horses. In fact, there Read more [...]
Many of us enjoy sharing our “people food” as snacks with our equine pals, especially fruits and vegetables. Pears are a popular fruit and easy to find in the grocery store, but can horses eat pears? As with any treats that we may want to offer our horses, it is important for us to do some careful investigation before we start sharing. When it comes to foods we can safely offer our horses, most veterinarians and equine nutritionists will agree that pears are perfectly safe for us to offer Read more [...]