Horses have a pretty big appetite, right? Flakes of hay, scoops of feed, gallons of water, and they still have room for snacks. Chances are, you have your four-hoofed friend’s diet down to a science by now and are providing a top-notch balanced diet. But when it comes to snacks, you might not be as certain about what to offer. Take cabbage for example: humans enjoy it in many different cuisines, but what about your horse? So can horses eat cabbage?  No, it is not recommended you feed cabbage to your horse.

While there are many types of “human foods” that horses can enjoy without any concern, cabbage may not be one of those foods. Think about cabbage for a second- what happens if you overeat cabbage, broccoli, or any of the other cruciferous vegetables? Lots and lots of uncomfortable gas. When humans overeat cabbage, a little bit of gas-related discomfort is a common side effect. While it might not be much more than an inconvenience for you to be hampered by gas pains, gas-related colic can be deadly to your horse. For this reason, many horse nutrition experts will say that cabbage is not a recommended snack for your horse.

As you research potential snacks that are safe for horses, it is important to note that not everyone agrees that cabbage should never be offered. There are some horse nutrition experts that advise that some cabbage is acceptable, though it should not be offered in amounts more than 2-4 ounces. For most individuals, a small handful of cabbage would fit within these guidelines. Like any other situation where you encounter conflicting information about your horse and its health, thoroughly research the topic and consider the source material in order to make the decision that is best for you and your horse.

The answer to Can Horses Eat Cabbage is a little mixed, but I would recommend not to feed it to your horse. If you are looking for a new treat to offer your horse on a regular basis, cabbage will not be that treat. The potential health risks outweigh the potential pleasure your horse may get out of frequently enjoying a bite of cabbage. Keep searching until you find a treat that is both enjoyed by your horse and safe for him to eat.

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