Celery. Some people absolutely despise eating that vegetable no matter what, while others love it- especially if they can eat it with peanut butter or certain vegetable dips. But what about horses? Can horses eat celery? As with all foods that we would like to offer our horses as a treat, it is important to make sure the food is safe for horses to eat before feeding it to them.

So, can horses eat celery? Yes, absolutely they can! Celery is perfectly safe for your horse to eat as a special treat. There are no chemical compounds in celery that could cause a problem with your horse’s digestive system, no excessive amounts of sugar or carbohydrates, and no seeds or pits that pose a choking hazard or a risk of poisoning. Celery can actually be a beneficial food for your horse to eat, as it is high in fiber. It also has a high water content, so your horse will receive some extra fluid through their food, helping them stay well hydrated.

As with all food that is not a part of your horse’s regular balanced diet, celery should be offered to your horse in moderate amounts. Generally speaking, “moderate amounts” with regards to treats means limiting the amount of celery you offer your horse to one or two pounds per feeding. This way, your horse can enjoy their special treat without filling up on foods that are not nutritionally balanced.

Your horse may not accept celery as a treat, but this does not mean that your horse is rejecting a food for being “unsafe.” There are many reasons that horses may not like to eat celery, including the fact that it is not as sweet as fruits or other processed treats. Other horses may just not like celery in particular- much like humans have personal preferences when it comes to certain foods, your horse may just have a simple dislike of celery. If your horse rejects celery as a treat now, try to reintroduce it at a later time. You never know when they’ll change their minds!

If you want to offer your horse a special, out-of-the-ordinary treat that is not high in sugar or carbohydrates, consider offering your horse a stalk or two of celery.

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