It’s mid-spring, and you are walking through the produce section of your local grocery store when you see strawberries for sale. They are so red and smell so sweet, so you pick up a package for yourself. You’re always on the lookout for some kind of new treat to offer your horse, so you stand there and wonder to yourself: Can horses eat strawberries?

Go ahead and pick up that second package of strawberries. Better yet, make plans to grow your own strawberry patch next year! Yes, strawberries are a safe treat to offer your horse. Your horse may have already come across these sweet treats by finding a patch of wild strawberries somewhere in his pasture, but if he has not, you can certainly introduce him to strawberries now! With a good fiber content, high water content, and a natural sweetness that horses love, strawberries are a fairly well-balanced snack for your horse to enjoy. They will compliment any well-balanced diet as an occasional treat for your steed to enjoy and will certainly be appreciated.

As with all treats, offering strawberries in moderation is key. Like you or I may want to splurge on treats, your horse may look at you with big brown eyes and seem to beg for more strawberries, especially if he has a sweet tooth. But like other treats, too many may cause him to fill up and then avoid his regular diet. Long-term, this may lead to digestive problems and nutrient deficiencies. Also, if your horse is insulin resistant, you may want to contact your veterinarian to be sure that adding strawberries as a treat will not negatively affect your horse. For healthy horses who do not have any medical conditions or concerns, offering six to ten strawberries once or twice a week is generally considered by equine nutrition experts to be a safe and moderate amount.

Now you know the answer to the question: Can horses eat strawberries? Go share a few with your favorite equine pal now, and be sure to educate your fellow horse lovers if you should ever hear them ask the same question you once asked.

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