Vegetables are great treats with which to supplement your horse’s regular diet. It is important to know What Vegetables Can Horses Eat and why. First, vegetables can provide great variety to your horse’s basic diet of grass and hay. Vegetables are also great supplemental sources of vitamins and minerals for your horse. Vegetables provide great nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Vitamin A is beneficial to your horse’s vision, while vitamin K helps the proteins in your horse’s body to function properly.

You can feed your horse up to one cup of vegetables at a time. Vegetables should be considered treats and should only be fed to your horse every so often. They should not make up a large percentage of your horse’s diet. Although it may be tempting to feed your horse those vegetables that went bad that you never got around to eating, you should never feed your horse old, moldy vegetables as these are very unhealthy to horses. Before you feed your horse any vegetables, be sure that they are thoroughly cleaned and free from pesticides and fungicides. Also, you should cut the vegetables into little strips before feeding them to your horse, as chunks of vegetables may cause choking.

So, what vegetables can horses eat? Carrots are a very popular choice among horses, as horses love their sweet flavor. However, they can eat a wide variety of vegetables and may get bored with carrots if these are the only vegetables that they receive. The following is a list of other vegetables that horses can eat.

• Beets
• Corn
• Cucumber
• Green beans
• Horseradish
• Parsnip
• Peas
• Plantains
• Rutabagas
• Sweet potatoes
• Turnips

Remember that in the right amounts, vegetables can be tasty and nutritious supplements to your horse’s regular diet. If fed sparingly, vegetables can be a beneficial treat that will add to the health and happiness of your horse.

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